Project Overview

Embark on a design thinking journey with NextGenSportsFacilities, commencing in March 2023 and concluding in May 2024, centered on mastering the Design Thinking approach—a potent problem-solving and innovation methodology. This program provides students with the opportunity to delve into a human-centered approach, addressing the complex challenges European cities may encounter in developing and operating sports centers, fostering creative solutions to redefine the future of sports facilities in Europe. Students actively engage in overcoming challenges and generating innovative concepts, aligning with the principles of Design Thinking.

International Teamwork

In the NextGenSportsFacilities program, our vision goes beyond individual efforts; we strive to foster a collaborative environment where students unite their diverse talents and perspectives. Emphasizing the importance of an international outlook, we actively encourage students to transcend geographical and disciplinary boundaries. By forming teams with peers from different countries and academic disciplines, participants engage in lean, mixed-team, multidisciplinary collaboration. This dynamic interaction creates a platform for sharing unique perspectives, gaining insights into various communities, and collectively addressing challenges. The program becomes a melting pot of ideas, where students not only share but co-create innovative solutions.

Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a "Certificate of Completion in the Design Thinking Approach" from ITÜ, IP BEJA, and BUAS. Exceptional concepts will be acknowledged with a prize, the details of which will be announced soon.

Join us for a remarkable Learning Experience

This is your opportunity to master Design Thinking and actively contribute to shaping the future of sports facilities in Europe. Join us for a practical learning experience where you can make a real impact and be recognized for your innovative contributions!

Global Impact