Program Details

In the NextGenSportsFacilities program, innovation takes center stage through the transformative power of the Design Thinking methodology. As participants, you'll immerse yourselves in our approach, conducting thorough site analyses, delving into emerging themes, and actively contributing to future research. This collaborative journey demands a dynamic mindset, encouraging critical thinking at every turn. We extend a warm invitation to all participants to join us in shaping the future of sports facilities. Together, let's engage in a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and original design solutions that promise to redefine the very essence of sports infrastructure.

Program Flowchart
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1. Dive into site Analysis

As a participant, you'll embark on site visits to analyze existing sports centers. Explore their history, construction, and challenges. Engage with stakeholders, gather data, and unearth new development ideas that can shape the future of sports facilities.

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2. Explore Emerging Themes

Delve into a bibliographical study to identify the driving forces shaping future sports centers. Compile expert opinions and cluster quotes into themes that resonate with the evolving sports landscape. Your insights will contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

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3. Contribute to Future Research

Collaborate in a Delphi setting, interviewing experts such as policymakers and architects. Your involvement helps gather knowledge on future developments in sports infrastructure over the next 5, 10, and 15 years.

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4. Shape Concepts Collaboratively

Engage in international collaboration, reflecting on your learning experiences in an online virtual classroom. Guided by design thinking, you'll actively contribute to generating innovative solutions. Work with your team over 3-4 weeks to craft designs that address complex issues.

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5. Showcase Your Design

Submit your designs to an online portal for a virtual conference. Participate in a peer review process, offering constructive feedback to peers and voting for your favorite concepts. Your input helps determine the student award.

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6. Compete in the Beauty Contest

An expert jury evaluates and selects the top three designs based on their expertise. The winners will be publicly announced in an online event, celebrating your innovation and collective effort. Your active involvement is key to the success of the program!

Real-World Solutions: Shaping Tomorrow's Sports Facilities

In our program our focus is towards crafting innovative solutions for three real-life cases, adding a layer of very practical relevance to the program. Students are presented with an exciting opportunity to delve into the intricacies of three potential redevelopment projects: Sportcenter Beja in Portugal, Sportpark Cuijk in the Netherlands, and the ITÜ Sportcomplex in Istanbul, Turkey—all on the brink of transformative redevelopment. By engaging with these real-life cases, students not only contribute to the practical evolution of sports infrastructure but also elevate their learning experience through hands-on, real-world application.